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Thanks for sharing my passion for SA.

I feel people are getting the priorities around the wrong way nowadays and working too much and neglecting their loved ones. As we get more addicted to technology we are forgetting to focus on forming meaningful relationships with those we love. Encouraging you to reconnect with loved ones is what South Aussie with Cosi is all about!!! And guess what??? I’ve found the perfect spot to re-connect!! Its your own back yard, good ole SA!!

South Aussie with Cosi addresses the fact that money is tight in every SA household, we focus on showing you how to holiday without spending too much. The best things in life are FREE they say, well its kinda true!! You will be surprised at how cheap a weekend away can be, sure you’ll need to be practical and think ahead but I can promise it will be worth it!! I want to inspire you enough to book yourself a trip away, everyone talks about taking much needed time off or a weekend away yet so few do it. Click that book button my friends!!! Call another family and lock in a travel date..

My favourite saying is this.

If you speak to any person nearing the end of their life, talk to them as they are taking their last breaths on this planet. Not once will you ever hear them say “I wish I spent more time in the office”

Good Luck to you all , say G’day if you see me around and let me know any SA gems that I’ve missed!!

Cheers Cosi


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